Work Sells Itself April 19 2017

The "mask off" work jacket features quilted waterproof lining, ribbed cuffs and a zip-up front. Embroidered artwork on the upper back and an embroidered C-logo patch on the left sleeve complete this tapered jacket.

Staying within the realm of SHCCK, we recently worked on a few oversized trench coats. The trench coat below features an embroidered flamingo design with layered feathers and flocked textures.

The denim jacket and coaches jacket are one-of-a-kind samples for our "reversible" collection, both pieces featuring weatherproof outers.

Back to the Office April 19 2017

Back to the office - working on pension plans.


A & M April 14 2017

Audrey Hepburn tattooing Marilyn Monroe. Classic grey scale illustration.

Sticker Bomb March 16 2017

Looking for a way to use up those spare box logo stickers that you've got accumulated? You're in luck! Scroll down for some inspiration.

South East Asian March 13 2017

The city of Can Tho, South Vietnam. The streets were bustling with activity, from sunrise to sunset and beyond, 7 days a week. Wherever I turned, there would be vendors hustling, pushcarts carrying food or products rolling steadily on the sidewalks, motorcycles flying in every direction. The glow of passion, that twinkle so pure, it was in the eyes of the local people. Absent the modern vices that plague our worlds in the North American way of life, it was evident how the city was built on hard work and grit in its purest form.

Life in the city of Can Tho. The beauty of South East Asia.

Throwback to our pop-up show for Canada Day March 09 2017

Osborne Village embodies creative culture in the purest form, being home to some of the hardest working boutiques and independent artists. We celebrated the country's birthday with live performances by rapper Chris Bennett, DJ Foreighn and more. Tattoo artist Slack returned to his tagging roots by doing a custom piece in the midst of all the chaos.

More to come this year.

Sharpie Marker on Blank Skate Decks January 01 2017

Found an affordable way to kill time when things get slow at the shop. Black sharpie marker on blank Canadian maple skate decks.

Cop this at

Closer look at the "osaka" embroidered sport coat December 30 2016

Twill / cotton blend, inner thermal lining, slim fitting button up blazer. Embroidered eagles on the back shoulder region. Regular drop for casual Fridays at the office or bumpin' nights in Orchard. This is Singapore, boy

Prison wear December 18 2016

Prison raincoat, 2016.

Delving into the Embroidery Game December 16 2016

As of late, we have been delving into the art of embroidery, particularly into the construction of intricate patterns that are somewhat influenced by our Oriental roots. Somewhat addicting, the placement of embroidered artwork on raw denim and tailored suiting has gradually become an obsession. Whether this lasts will be purely determined by the popularity of pieces like these: