Work Sells Itself April 19 2017

The "mask off" work jacket features quilted waterproof lining, ribbed cuffs and a zip-up front. Embroidered artwork on the upper back and an embroidered C-logo patch on the left sleeve complete this tapered jacket.

Staying within the realm of SHCCK, we recently worked on a few oversized trench coats. The trench coat below features an embroidered flamingo design with layered feathers and flocked textures.

The denim jacket and coaches jacket are one-of-a-kind samples for our "reversible" collection, both pieces featuring weatherproof outers.

Back to the Office April 19 2017

Back to the office - working on pension plans.


A & M April 14 2017

Audrey Hepburn tattooing Marilyn Monroe. Classic grey scale illustration.

The Two Fridas April 14 2017

The Two Fridas, an expression of the artist's loneliness and desperation as a result of her separation from her husband. The Two Fridas are holding hands, both with visible hearts but the heart of the traditional Frida is torn open. The main artery is severed by surgical pincers sitting in the lap of the traditional Frida. The blood stains on her white dress coupled with the ominous clouds in the background serve as a subtle reflection of Frida's inner struggles.



Nohemy modelling for SHCCK April 11 2017

Eyes on you April 09 2017

With every step taken, I've got my eyes on the goal.

Life Cycle Jacket April 08 2017

Out with the old, in with the new.

Inspired by the life cycles of products, brands and ideas, one might sit on the top of its hierarchy and yet be conceptually dead. On the other hand, one might be at the end of its life cycle and yet be re-imagined; re-invented.

Financial Engineers April 05 2017


Being creative in a career that revolves around numbers, the engineers of the finance industry may not exhibit the imaginative qualities of paintings and photographs. However, creatives in such fields demonstrate innovation in the design of new products and derivatives. Actuaries continuously devise new and more efficient methods of executing vital processes and calculations that intelligently assess organizational risks. It takes unparalleled creativity to develop algorithms that give certain organizations a slight competitive edge over others.

Chucks March 31 2017

Fabric ink on Converse canvas. Inner-zip and extended tongue, Women's 6.5.