Home March 08 2017

The sweltering heat on my back, the sun in my eyes. Endless chatter and the cheerful sounds of children playing fill my ears as I take in a world of vibrant color and endless possibilities. Although regiment reigns supreme in this unforgiving world, we have broken free, forging our own paths to ultimate creativity and freedom of thought.

I love you and you will always be in my heart. You are my home.

I frequented youth art competitions and gatherings. The very first project that got everything started was a garbage bin design. The phrase "Feed Me" got stuck in my mind for nights of painting to come.

The Retail Game March 08 2017

We are coming to 2 years since opening our flagship store in the heart of Osborne Village, Winnipeg Canada. Largely based on minimalist concepts, the walls of the inner half of the retail space are lined with metal-piping clothing racks while the outer half is occupied by a mini-ramp. 2 full sized change rooms sit in the center of the space and a private office holds inventory and design equipment.

Consigned pieces fill the majority of the racks while occasional orders from retail outlets are also brought in. Shop riders hang out and skate the mini but anyone with a board is welcome to a quick session while shopping. 

Tucked away in the lower level of 106 Osborne, a cool brick stairwell leads you into a double-layered vestibule from the bustling crowds above. While the sharp and resounding snaps echo within our shop throughout the daytime skate sessions, appointments are taken, design assignments are completed and online orders get fulfilled. All in a day's work.

Drop by and say Hi or hit up ///


I write resumes March 08 2017

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Pop-up shop and Skate demo March 08 2017



The Other Side March 07 2017

We think highly of ourselves, but are often shaken up by the realities of life.

We are all shook ones.

Rather than viewing this as fear, we adopt the attitude of respect.

Respect for uncharted waters. Respect for our competition. Respect for all.

Regardless of the environment we are currently faced with, we remember and cherish our past for that is what has made us who we are today. We remember our roots and keep our cultural practices close to heart; Nobody can take that away from us.


"SHCCK" - a lookbook March 06 2017

Toronto Road Trip Feb 2017 March 01 2017

Quick 3 day trip in the 6 for some sightseeing and fire pick-ups:


Resume Writer February 18 2017

words be my chosen medium
your strengths shown new light
this resume, my canvas
your confidence, my pride

Iron hooks and thread February 13 2017

4 skulls, bamboo leaves, the silver furred king, the sun

End of an era February 12 2017

Today we bade our mini-ramp goodbye. Although it was donated to a worthy cause, my heart aches from all the memories. Snaps from my phone