Throwback @ mia khalifa May 27 2018

Mia Khalifa

Nohemy modelling for SHCCK April 11 2017

Closer look at the "osaka" embroidered sport coat December 30 2016

Twill / cotton blend, inner thermal lining, slim fitting button up blazer. Embroidered eagles on the back shoulder region. Regular drop for casual Fridays at the office or bumpin' nights in Orchard. This is Singapore, boy

Prison wear December 18 2016

Prison raincoat, 2016.

Delving into the Embroidery Game December 16 2016

As of late, we have been delving into the art of embroidery, particularly into the construction of intricate patterns that are somewhat influenced by our Oriental roots. Somewhat addicting, the placement of embroidered artwork on raw denim and tailored suiting has gradually become an obsession. Whether this lasts will be purely determined by the popularity of pieces like these: 


Supreme Whores and Ink December 13 2016

Some mixed media work.

Marge on the psychedelic pipe. December 13 2016

Marge on the psychedelic pipe.

Mia Khalifa Collaboration Skate Deck 2015 December 13 2016

Throwback to this collaboration, limited to 100 pieces.

Gucci Fish December 12 2016

All Gucci

Project Hype White Hoodie Concept December 11 2016

Permutations and Combinations