Chucks March 31 2017

Fabric ink on Converse canvas. Inner-zip and extended tongue, Women's 6.5.

Back to Basics March 29 2017

The original Chef/Cook character or "Chook" incorporated into a graffiti + cartoon styled composition. Originally done in 2001 as a graphic t-shirt design for the Malaysian clothing label Radioactive that I looked up to as a kid, Chook would always be depicted in scenes revolving around skate, rap and graffiti culture. This particular design features Chook cooking up a storm, in the form of a Radioactive sunny-side-up.

The larger splash sits on the bottom hem of the t-shirt's front, spread across the horizon.

The smaller graphic reads "RDCTV" and sits centered on the upper-back of the t-shirt.  


The Future March 29 2017

After a two year stint in the Osborne village area of Winnipeg, Canada, we have closed our flagship store. With the mini-ramp being passed onto another local business and our inventory moved to a storage facility, we have decided to run the brand exclusively online for the foreseeable future. Stay tuned!

Heal, Reflect, Go Beast-mode, Endure. March 24 2017

The cycle of war applies to everything we do in life, whether it be in business, work, school, or play. We like to apply these principles to all of our creative processes:

We all inevitably stumble or fall from the various endeavors we embark on; while it is crucial to pick up the pieces and get back into the game, it is equally important to put some time into the healing process. Grab some comfort food and work it off afterwards!

Reflect on what went wrong and more importantly, the steps that can be taken to avoid past mistakes and to build a better foundation for future success.

Once you have everything in place and are ready to re-enter the battlegrounds, go into beast-mode.

You don't need to need to win every battle. Instead, aim to win the entire war through undying persistence.

Smoke your way through college March 22 2017

College is a trip. Smoke your way through all that smoke.


Communication opens the door to everything in life. Written communication will inevitably trickle through all facets of your daily musings, whether you like it or not.


                One of the following Three:

  1. Be good at writing.
  2. Be rich and hire a good writer.
  3. Be good at math, find a good writer who needs help with math, and trade services.


Do it for the Actuarial Lion God, a genderless representation of the optimum balance between prodigy and working smart. Believe in yourself and the Actuarial Lion God will guide you in smoking your way through college. Cop the “Actuary” Hoodie to show support for this charitable cause.

Reflect on your woes March 22 2017

Lately we have been working 3M fabric into our pieces, utilizing the reflective quality of the material as a "graphic" on each jacket or shirt, rather than a structural component of the piece.

The "reflect"  denim jacket comes distressed with a classic slim fit and button-up front. 3M fabric is sewn onto medium-weight denim, giving the back of the jacket a cross-like design. The width and lines of the cross-like design follow the structure of the denim jacket. Embroidered artwork of an oriental flag sits at the cusp of the "cross".

The "reflect" flannel comes with a slightly elongated back and curved hems. With a classic fit and 100% cotton construction, this flannel shirt is made with comfort as top priority. The back of the shirt features a solid 3M reflective block for intentional contrast. Embroidered artwork of an oriental flag sits in the center of the reflective block.

One should reflect on his or her woes from time to time, keeping life's responsibilities in check. The projects and environments we put ourselves in are reflections of our wants and needs. 

Home March 08 2017

The sweltering heat on my back, the sun in my eyes. Endless chatter and the cheerful sounds of children playing fill my ears as I take in a world of vibrant color and endless possibilities. Although regiment reigns supreme in this unforgiving world, we have broken free, forging our own paths to ultimate creativity and freedom of thought.

I love you and you will always be in my heart. You are my home.

I frequented youth art competitions and gatherings. The very first project that got everything started was a garbage bin design. The phrase "Feed Me" got stuck in my mind for nights of painting to come.

Delving into the Embroidery Game December 16 2016

As of late, we have been delving into the art of embroidery, particularly into the construction of intricate patterns that are somewhat influenced by our Oriental roots. Somewhat addicting, the placement of embroidered artwork on raw denim and tailored suiting has gradually become an obsession. Whether this lasts will be purely determined by the popularity of pieces like these: 


Supreme Whores and Ink December 13 2016

Some mixed media work.

Marge on the psychedelic pipe. December 13 2016

Marge on the psychedelic pipe.