Throwback @ mia khalifa May 27 2018

Mia Khalifa

Reflect on your woes March 22 2017

Lately we have been working 3M fabric into our pieces, utilizing the reflective quality of the material as a "graphic" on each jacket or shirt, rather than a structural component of the piece.

The "reflect"  denim jacket comes distressed with a classic slim fit and button-up front. 3M fabric is sewn onto medium-weight denim, giving the back of the jacket a cross-like design. The width and lines of the cross-like design follow the structure of the denim jacket. Embroidered artwork of an oriental flag sits at the cusp of the "cross".

The "reflect" flannel comes with a slightly elongated back and curved hems. With a classic fit and 100% cotton construction, this flannel shirt is made with comfort as top priority. The back of the shirt features a solid 3M reflective block for intentional contrast. Embroidered artwork of an oriental flag sits in the center of the reflective block.

One should reflect on his or her woes from time to time, keeping life's responsibilities in check. The projects and environments we put ourselves in are reflections of our wants and needs. 

Fishcal Budget Fallacies March 21 2017

Fiscal Policies refer to the use of government expenditures and tax dollars to stimulate the local economy. Although such measures can arguably reduce the risk of an economy running into recession, there are multiple factors that downplay this notion.

Too little too late: Spending decisions are made annually. The inevitable delay from the time such a decision is made by the government (be it to increase or decrease spending), to the time that actual economical impact becomes evident, can be a lengthy situation.

Deficits: Cutting taxes and increasing government spending may be justified on grounds of reaping the rewards of expansionary fiscal policies. However, this inevitably results in a greater budget deficit and higher future taxes. Another highly possible outcome is Crowding Out.

Crowding out: Continuing the train of thought from our previous point, this refers to the private sector shrinking as a result of increased government spending.

Fishcal Fallacies

Olive Bomber Jacket March 17 2017

Slim-fit and light-weight bomber jacket. Colourway: slate ribbings, olive green body and right sleeve, off-white left sleeve and back logo. Thermal lining for chilly evenings and pigskin exterior for durability and comfort.

Toronto Road Trip Feb 2017 March 01 2017

Quick 3 day trip in the 6 for some sightseeing and fire pick-ups:


Resume Writer February 18 2017

words be my chosen medium
your strengths shown new light
this resume, my canvas
your confidence, my pride

Iron hooks and thread February 13 2017

4 skulls, bamboo leaves, the silver furred king, the sun

End of an era February 12 2017

Today we bade our mini-ramp goodbye. Although it was donated to a worthy cause, my heart aches from all the memories. Snaps from my phone

Fear February 10 2017

There is no fear in his eyes.

Shook ones February 09 2017

We think highly of ourselves, but are often shaken up by the harsh realities of life.

We are all shook ones.