Mia Khalifa Collaboration Skate Deck 2015 December 13 2016

Throwback to this collaboration, limited to 100 pieces.

Project Hype White Hoodie Concept December 11 2016

Permutations and Combinations

Pop Up Shop December 11 2016

Skate Area at the Chook Pop-up Shop


Chook ones.



Photoshoot for Lookbook December 11 2016

Chook Basic Beanie, Chook Dots Hoodie


Chook Mafia Tee


Chook Finger Camp Hat


Chook Finger Camp Hat


Chook Finger Camp Hat, Chook Elongated Tee

Commision design work December 06 2016

Back in the summer of 2014, we designed a line of merchandise tees for a couple local Canadian artists based in Ontario. The templates were monochrome so that bulk screen-printing for tour merchandise would be economically feasible. 

Fault of Mine, band tee


Modern Hearts, band tee


Shanya, merch tee


Shanya, final merch tee