Flashback to 2 years ago: pop-up shop on Graham Ave January 04 2017

It has been 2 years since we started this company. The path that we originally embarked on was rough and it has only been getting rougher. Although acquaintances have been made and friendships forged along the way, true colors show when shit isn't good.

There are no hard feelings harbored against the haters who openly express their disdain towards our name, for they express their genuine views and therefore deserve much respect for that. It is the individuals who hide behind masks, those who pretend to act in our interests but actually instigate more problems, who we will always remember.

I shake your hand today, as I will tomorrow and every other time we meet in the future, regardless of what happens. However, I will always remember your true colors, and whose side you really are on. You are a fuckboy and I promise that you will regret crossing me.

Back to happier times: snaps of our first pop up shop on Graham.